Arlington Travel Baseball provides youth baseball players in Arlington County, Virginia, an opportunity to acquire superior skills through higher levels of competition. Teams are composed of 9U through 14U players who love baseball and want to develop the

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Frequentally Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions and answers about Arsenal Baseball and baseball in Arlington. If you don't see your question answered here, please let us know. We'll do our best to answer your question or point you in the right direction.

  1. What is Arsenal Baseball?

  2. Is Arsenal Baseball a profit making venture?

  3. What are the ages for Arsenal Baseball teams?

  4. Does Arsenal Baseball allow players to “play up”?

  5. What is the difference between Arsenal and Arlington Senior Babe Ruth?

  6. Are Arsenal players required to play ASBR during the Spring Season?

  7. What does the Arsenal Schedule look like?

  8. How do Arsenal players resolve conflicts with High School Baseball practices and games?

  9. What is the cost to participate in Arsenal Baseball for 2019-2020?

  10. How many players on an Arsenal team?

  11. Who determines who makes an Arsenal team during the tryouts?

  12. Can my athlete play on an Arsenal team and play flag football or another rec sport in the fall?

  13. Can my athlete play for multiple travel baseball programs?

  14. Can our family vacation in July or August while playing on an Arsenal team?

  15. Are current/past Arsenal players required to participate tryouts each year?

  16. Do I need to register my child for Arsenal tryouts or can I walk up?

  17. What size diamonds does Arsenal use for games?

  18. Do players tryout for specific positions or tryout for the team in general?

  19. Will players be rotated through the positions during the season or will they be assigned certain positions?

  20. How is inclement weather handled?

1. What is Arsenal Baseball?
Arsenal Baseball's mission is to provide youth baseball players in Arlington County, Virginia, an opportunity to improve baseball skills through quality coaching and higher levels of competition. Arsenal Baseball strives to create a positive baseball experience for each player. Teams are composed of 13 and 14 year old players who love baseball and want to hone their skills and understanding of the game. Winning games, tournaments or championships is NOT the primary goal of Arsenal Baseball. Arsenal Baseball teams strive to win by making maximum effort and competing with class. Player development and creating a quality baseball experience are our primary goal.

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2. Is Arsenal Baseball a profit making venture?
Arsenal Baseball is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a volunteer board of directors. Players are charged a fee that covers the cost of uniforms, coach, insurance, tournament entry fees, umpire fees, and similar costs. All donations made to Arsenal are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you know of an individual or company interested in making a donation or becoming a sponsor, please let us know. Email us at  ,   call us at 703-801-6297.

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3. What are the ages for Arsenal Baseball teams?
Arsenal Baseball will field one team per age group (13U and 14U) and players are selected through a tryout process. Tryouts will be held in May for the 13U team and June for the 14U team. Teams will play together for an entire calendar year.

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4. Does Arsenal Baseball allow players to “play up”?
Arsenal Baseball believes each player should play in their respective age group.  This philosophy is espically important as players grow into playing on the full-size field.

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5. What is the difference between Arsenal Baseball and Arlington Senior Babe Ruth?
Arsenal Baseball is a travel baseball organization. Players are selected through tryouts. Teams practice and play in Arlington County and may travel to other Virginia communities, Maryland, DC, or even further to participate in games or tournaments. Some tournaments or games may require weekend/overnight travel.

Arlington Senior Babe Ruth is a community youth recreational sports organization serving Arlington County. They provide Arlington’s youth with the opportunity to learn and play baseball in a safe and supporting environment. Because ASBR is a recreational league, their programs must be able to encompass youth players of all ability and skill levels. A recreational league is an all-comers league. ASBR makes every effort to structure their league and teams so that the competition is fair and balanced. ASBR's goal is to provide the best baseball experience possible for all of the youth in Arlington, VA.

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6. Are Arsenal Baseball players required to play ASBR during the Spring Season?

Arsenal Baseball players are not required to play ASBR.

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7. What does the Arsenal Baseball Schedule look like?
Here is a high level overview of our annual calendar. Specifics will be communicated to players by their team’s general manager.


  • August: Practices are held but will be flexible to allow for family vacations.

  • End of August: All baseball players "age up" -- in other words, players who were "baseball age" 12U during the spring/summer will become 13U for the fall; 13Us turn 14U; and so on.

  • September to early November: Arsenal Baseball team practices will be held two-three times a week. Teams participate in Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League (, playing doubleheaders on Sundays or a twice weekly schedule with single games mid-week and on Saturday. Teams will also play in at least one travel tournament and the end of season NVTBL playoff tournament.  We strive to play between 25-30 games during the fall season.


  • December to February: Indoor Winter Training may be held in or outside of Arlington. 


  • March: Arsenal team practices begin and each team will play in a pre-season tournament.

  • April to May: During High School Baseball spring season, games and practice schedule will be adjusted to accomidate the team's need as many of our athletes will earn spots on their local Middle School or Junior Varsity team. Each Arsenal Baseball team will play in a Memorial Day weekend tournament.  We will also hold tryouts for the rising class during select weekends in May.  


  • June to July: Arsenal Basecall team will continue practices and participate in at least three or four tournaments.

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8. How do players resolve conflicts with Middle School or Junior Varsity practices and games?

Our goal is to minimize conflicts between Middle School and Junior Varsity practices and games, and we will work with the players’ teams and their coaches in an effort to achieve this goal. We also want to stress the importance of open and frequent communication between parents and their player’s school coaches to ensure a successful Arsenal Baseball experience.

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9. What is the cost to participate in Arsenal Baseball for 2019-20? 

The cost to participate for all ATB's 13U players in 2019-2020 is $1745

Arsenal Baseball's participant fee covers costs for the coaches, insurance, uniform ( to include two game jerseys, one practice shirt, one game hat and one practice hat), equipment, league (e.g., NVTBL) fees, tournament fees, winter indoor hitting workouts and speed and agility training, and Arlington County field use assessments. This fee does not include travel expenses for individual players. 

Financial assistance may be available for qualified individuals. Please contact Arsenal President Richie Pacheco at   for more information.

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10. How many players on an Arsenal Baseball team?


Generally 14-15 players.  We believe that its important to carry a larger team at the older age divisions.  The games are longer (7 innings).  The stresses are greater (longer throws and longer runs).  Many players will earn spots on their school teams.  A larger team allows the coach flexibility to manage the roster, watch out for player health and still develop players in a manner consistent with our organization's goals and ethos.  Furthermore, as the players age, they will play on increasing larger teams.  Its important for players to learn how to get their work in as a member of a larger team.

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11. Who determines who makes an Arsenal Baseball team during the tryouts?
Arsenal Baseball promotes a fair and objective team building process. The decision to extend a team assignment to a player will be made by the Arsenal Baseball selection committee. The selection committee consists of the Arsenal head coach, the Director of Player Development and an independent evaluator. Players will be evaluated based on their skills, ability and desire to play.

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12. Can my child play on an Arsenal team and play flag football or another rec sport in the fall?
Arsenal encourages players to remain engaged in other sports. Players must commit to make Arsenal Baseball their primary sport. The commitment Arsenal Baseball  seeks will likely make participation with other travel or elite youth sports organizations difficult. For safety reasons along with commitment and scheduling conflicts players will not be permitted to play on another travel baseball team.

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13. Can my child play for multiple travel baseball programs?

No.  Arsenal players are not permitted to play for a second travel baseball team at any point during the Arsenal season,.  There are many reasons for this policy.  First, we want to protect players from overuse of their arms, and playing on multiple travel baseball teams makes that difficult.  Moreover, travel baseball programs often overlap at critical points, forcing players to choose one travel team over another.  This is not a positive situation for either team.  Finally, because Arsenal seeks to build team camaraderie over the course of a year-long season, it is not possible to play Arsenal Baseball only in the fall season.  Players who accept roster spots with Arsenal Baseball are making a commitment to their teammates and coaches to play with Arsenal Baseball through the fall and spring/summer seasons.


14. Can our family vacation in August while playing on an ATB team?
Of course families should plan and schedule vacations as appropriate. Although we expect that the commitment to Arsenal will require significant time, we understand families’ needs to plan and schedule vacations and other family activities.

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15. Are current/past Arsenal Baseball players required to participate tryouts each year?
Yes. Arsenal Baseball holds annual age-group open tryouts for all new players and current Arsenal Baseball players. All players are required to tryout annually.

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16. Do I need to register my child for Arsenal Baseball tryouts or can I walk up?
You must register your child for tryouts in order to participate. We may not be able to accommodate players who do not register to tryout in advance. Tryout registration will be announced on our website at least one month before tryouts are held.

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17. What size diamonds does Arsenal Baseball use for games?
Starting with the 13U season, the athletes play on the 60/90, full size baseball field.. Practices may be conducted on varying size diamonds or at other practice facilities, based on Arlington County Parks & Recreation availability.

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18. Do players tryout for specific positions or tryout for the team in general?
Players will tryout for the team, not specific positions. However, if there are specific positions a player is interested in or has significant experience in, please note that to the coaches at the tryout.

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19. Will players be rotated through the positions during the season or will they be assigned certain positions?
Players will play more than one position during the season. The primary goal of Arsenal Baseball is to develop overall baseball skills. Players will have an opportunity to work on their skills at any position they would like to learn.

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20. How is inclement weather handled?
For Arlington County parks-related last minute weather cancellations and information, call the PRCR Inclement Weather Line at 703-228-4715. Please check with your team’s general manager for weather cancellations and information for games outside of Arlington.

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